House Rhalan

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House Rhalan is a young noble house from the Mountains of the Moon. They are sworn to House Arryn.

They blazon their arms with a red and silver field with a black diamond and a red comet upon them. Their words are unknown, but their unofficial motto is, “The Seven Be Damned!” Their seat is Khorskeep, a magnificent castle at the mouth of the Lune River.


Khor Rhalan – Lord of House Rhalan, and it’s founder. Old now, he was forced to overthrow the wicked Septon who built and ruled Khorskeep (then called Seven Stone) when he, the Captain of the Guard was accused by the deranged Septon of mutiny. Later he was disabled after the remaining Sept brothers poisoned the keep’s water supply, but unlike most of the castle’s population, he did not die.

Moira Rhalan nee Arryn – Wife of Khor, she is Jon Arryn’s youngest sister, a wild child, she has grown into a dutiful wife, and loving mother.

Khara Stone – Bastard daughter of Khor, born before he was married to Moira. It is said that she is as skilled with her scalpel at killing as she is at healing, and she is a very good Healer.

Khonry Rhalan – 1st born son and heir apparent, he was considered sickly as a child and since his mother could no longer have children after his younger sister was born, the hopes for the house seemed to rest on his sisters’ marrying well, but in recent years he has grown stronger and come into his own.

Khora Rhalan – Oldest daughter at a mere sixteen, she is a bit of a tomboy and a wild child. Doted upon by her father she was allowed to run wild as her brother was to handle the family. But when he became sick she was forced to train properly, something she resented terribly. It’s said she is good with a bow and sneaks out of Khorskeep to hunt.

Kheyla Rhalan – Youngest daughter and last child as her birth was difficult and Moira was told she could not conceive again. Not come into her own yet at only nine, she appears to be a bright child interested in everything from birds and flowers to languages and maester skills.


Marric Valaris – He was born of a scullery maid who worked at Seven Stone, but he proved to be skilled at arms and sought his fortune at a tender age where he squired for a young Ned Stark, eventually becoming a knight in his own right. Khor Rhalan heard of his exploits and when he arrived at Khorskeep along with Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark to hide from the Targaryen’s during their rebellion Khor made him his first Bannerman. Full of valor and honor, yet practical, Khor has placed Marric as his military commander and instructed him to train up Khoury in the ways of warfare and strategy. A widower when his young wife fell down some steps in The Eyrie, Marric has never trusted the Arryn’s since that day.

House Rhalan

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