House Lynderly

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House Lynderly of the Snakewood is a noble house from the Vale.

They blazon their arms with a black field strewn with wriggling green serpents. Their words are, “Wise is the serpent.” Their seat is Snakewood Hall.


Jon Lynderly – Aged lord and widower of House Lynderly

Violet Lynderly – Eldest daughter of Jon, was promised off to Ruben Piper, a rich merchant, in exchange for payment of debts. Disappeared before her wedding.

Adam Lynderly – Sixteen year old son of Jon, young, untested, full of fire.


Edan Ward – Master-at-arms for House Lynderly, and his sons Doran, Fearghul, and Marcas Ward.

Maester Ferris – House Lynderly Maester

Ruben Piper – Fat merchant and friend of the Lynderly’s, betrothed to Violet Lynderly

House Lynderly

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