House Corbray

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House Corbray of Heart’s Home is one of the main noble houses from the Vale. It is an old but poor house. The ancestral Valyrian sword of House Corbray is called Lady Forlorn.

They blazon their arms with three black ravens in flight holding three red hearts, on white. Their words are, “Many are the Heart’s Forlorn.” Their seat is Heart’s Home.


Lyonel Corbray – Fifty-six year old Head of House with brutish good looks and manner. His sons Lyn and Lucas are both knights, and he has given his son Lyn, the family Valyrian Steel sword, “Lady Forlorn.”

Lady Luisa Corbray – Wife of Lyonel Corbray, first cousin to Sandor and Gregor Clegane. Just as pretty and nice as they are.

Ser Lyn Corbray – He is a big man, handsome, but vain, reckless and hot-tempered. He has shoulder-length brown hair. He notoriously claims great valor in battle and in the bedroom, although equally notoriously, is supposedly not interested in women. Heir-apparent of House Corbray.

Ser Lucas Corbray – A twenty-six year old knight, who appears as more of a Maester than a knight. Supposedly, he barely passed his physical tests to gain his knighthood. His father’s favorite, called by his father, the “Hand of House Corbray.”

Lady Lisa Corbray – Married off to a Tully, has three children.

Lady Marta Corbray – The tall, fiercely beautiful second daughter of Lyonel, first married at seventeen to a Coldwater, he died of a fever a few months later with no heir. She married again at age twenty-one, to the younger brother of her first husband. He vanished without a trace a few weeks after the wedding while fishing along the river. For the past two years she has had no offers of marriage, whispers claim that she is the, “Black Widow of Corbray.” A lady of the Eyrie called her, “Lady Forlorn,” to her face and Marta beat her bloody.

House Corbray

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